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We deliver bespoke, cutting edge talent acquisition services that enable our clients to attract, hire, and retain top-tier leaders
Enabling data driven hiring decision making

Mcusi Talent Advisory is a 100% women-owned firm that provides data-driven talent acquisition solutions to multinational businesses across various industries. Our in-depth knowledge and expertise in providing clients with comprehensive talent market intelligence and insights to inform their hiring decisions provides our clients with a competitive advantage in the talent acquisition space through the use of data, technology, and expert analysis.

We deliver bespoke, cutting edge talent acquisition services that enable our clients to attract, hire, and retain top-tier leaders who drive growth, innovation and success. Through our expertise, networks, and technology, we help our clients build high-performing teams that are equipped to navigate the challenges and opportunities of today’s fast-paced business environment.

Expertise, network and technology!
years of experience

Our value proposition is based on three key pillars: expertise, network, and technology. We have access to a network of best-in-class candidates, partners, and industry experts, allowing us to tap into a diverse pool of talent and provide our clients with the most experienced candidates. We leverage the latest technology and tools to streamline the talent acquisition process; from sourcing and screening to interviewing and onboarding, ensuring that our clients and candidates achieve the most valuable outcomes. By focusing on these pillars, we help businesses build high-performing teams that drive growth, innovation and success.

We recognize the importance of diversity, equity and inclusion in any successful organization. Our team works closely with clients to create customized strategies that prioritize diversity, leveraging an extensive network of candidates from different backgrounds and ensures that every candidate is evaluated based on their skills, experience, and potential without any discrimination. Our passion is helping clients build diverse and inclusive teams that reflect the communities they serve.

Within our own culture, we prioritize respect, empowerment and transparency. We foster an environment of open communication, collaboration, diversity, and inclusivity. We empower our team members by providing resources for their success, encouraging growth and development and promoting ownership of their work. We value transparency and feedback, which enables us to continuously improve our processes and build trust with clients and team members.

Linda Strydom
Founder | Chief Talent Strategist

At Mcusi Talent Advisory, we bring a unique perspective and valuable insights to every engagement by staying at the forefront of industry trends, best practices and leveraging this knowledge to provide exceptional value to our clients”